Crave: Morning-After Makeup Bag

When he wakes up next to you tomorrow morning, you don’t want his first reaction to be “Damn! Who the hell let Alice Cooper into my bedroom?”. To emerge looking fresh as a daisy (even if you feel anything but) the morning after, pack your purse with these touch-up essentials. In no time flat, you’ll transform yourself from strung-out Kate Moss to her glowier, dewier alter-ego.

1. Sephora’s Pretty Minty
Banish dragon breath with these teeny tiny yet totally powerful (and sugar-free) breath fresheners. They’re housed in a cute little tin whose lid conceals a mirror, preventing you from having to go all MacGyver in order to get a peek at your much-improved reflection. [$2, Sephora]2. Psssssst Volume + Color Instant Spray Shampoo
If your scalp’s just begging for some vinegar and salad greens, a spray or two of this dry shampoo will eradicate all that nasty oil. [$7.99,]

3. Nickel Morning After Rescue Gel
Like a venti triple-shot for your skin, slather on this fast-absorbing, soothing salve to wake up your face, restore radiance and softness, and provide a temporary de-puffing fix (so don’t skip your “Saw ex with his new Swedish girlfriend” eye bags). [$40,]

4. Clean Hair Fragrance
Nothing’s worse than hair and clothes that reek of stale beer and Marlboros. A few spritzes of this not-just-for hair odor-masker will replace your existing Eau de Dive Bar scent with a subtle, shower-fresh fragrance. [$39,]

5. Revlon Eye Makeup Eraser Pen
You can’t wash away last night’s sins, but with a few swipes of this handy makeup remover-soaked pen, you can erase last night’s mascara, eyeliner and shadow. [$8.49,]

6. Tarte Natural Beauty Cheek Stain
Apply this smudge-proof rosy stain to lips and cheeks to fake a “Really, I wake up orgasmically gorgeous every morning, darling!” flush. [$28,]