Video Games: Chick Flicks Get Played

The triumvirate of teen queen movies: Pretty In Pink, Mean Girls, and Clueless — are all getting remade into Broadway musicals. Sike! Although we’re sure some of the score will be watered down into electronic bleeps, they’re actually turning the dramas into full on games. Paramount Pictures, who owns all the movies, is creating digital downloads and low-cost “casual” ones for consoles like Wii, Playstation, and eventually Nintendo DS. Finally girl gamers will have some video games all to ourselves, without our boyfriends trying to swoop in and beat our high score! Read on for more details… According to 1up, Pretty in Pink will be a choose your own adventure style game, so you can finally get Ducky and Andie together at the prom; Mean Girls:High School Showdown will be about beating the Plastics; And Clueless:The Game asks users to play matchmaker by hooking up all of Cher’s friends. Too bad it isn’t going to be about her closet outfit matching application…aren’t we all just waiting for that to come out? [Variety]