Star Couplings: Matthew Broderick Spending His Days Off With Someone Other Than SJP?

  • There’s always been those gay rumors, but Star says Matthew Broderick was caught cheating on Sarah Jessica Parker with a woman. [Star]
  • Ashlee Simpson is looking kind of huge. She probably drinks that crazy Hollywood water which guarantees EVERYONE has twins! [Perez Hilton]
  • Does it ever piss you off when a celebrity names their baby with YOUR favorite baby name? Ethan Hawke named his new baby daughter Clementine, which is basically my second favorite baby name. So I’m about 75% pissed off, 25% pleased that this awesome name is getting the recognition it deserves. [DListed]
  • Sienna Miller is suing over those topless photos of her with Balthazar Getty. [DListed]
  • Eat your heart out, tweens! Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez are dating! [Us Weekly]
  • Is it over between The British Bach, Matt Grant, and his fiance Shayne Lamas?! [Pop Crunch]