Eight-Year-Old Boy Redefines Romance

The following story turned even my black heart into a marshmallow rainbow where unicorns can prance. When we read about the eight-year-old British boy who proposed to his best girl at a laser tag party, we got so many warm fuzzies we nearly melted our plastic covered PC. After battling leukemia for four years, Reece Flemming was given weeks to live by his doctors. And the little guy had one big wish — to marry his grade school sweetheart. Oh damn, here come the tears. (Also, we adults can barely muster a man to take us out for casual drinks, and this kid is willing to commit?!) So, the brave and romantic Reece proposed to his girlfriend, Ellie Purgslove. She said yes (becoming the only child bride we would ever support). The parents set up a make-believe wedding with rings, a certificate and a Vicar officiating. Then the two went to dinner in the Mayor’s limo to celebrate for their first and last time as husband and wife. Sadly, albeit his wishes fulfilled, Reece passed away the very next day. Sorry, I can’t type anymore, I need a tissue. [Telegraph U.K.]