Celebrity Commitment Symbols: Not Your Average Diamonds

Who needs gold, platinum and silver, when you can have blood, tats and locks? Today’s celebs are anything but traditional when it comes to expressing their love and “commitment” to each other. Rings are just too boooring for these celebs.

Most recently, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have been spotted around town sporting matching red infinity lock bracelets by Jules Smith to show off their alleged lesbian love. They also apparently wear matching anchor necklaces as a sign of “stability,” oh and Sam recently gave Lindsay a $22,000 Cartier ring. They are really selling this “we’re together forever thing.” My bet’s another week. Anyway, here are some other famous couples that have chosen unique ways of staking claim on their partners, after the jump…

  • Who can forget Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thorton’s matching blood vials? People are still talking about it today, even though she has had a whole new set of commitment rings (commitment, not wedding, people) with Brad Pitt!
  • Ashton and Demi often wear the same Hermes necklace, and they both, when in the mood for sharing their faith in Kaballah, wear matching red bracelets symboling the religion.
  • Ashlee and Pete Wentz had promise rings long before those crazy kids were forced decided to make it legal after her belly started to grow from something other than McDonalds.
  • Rihanna and Chris Brown, who have been dating for the last year, have matching star tattoos on their neck. Smart choice because when, I mean if, they break up, they won’t have to cover up each other’s names like Denise Richards, Johnny Depp, and Angelina before them.
  • Though Beyoncé and Jay-Z tried to keep their nuptials a secret for way too long, that didn’t stop the most powerful couple in hip-hop from getting their wedding fingers tattooed (both have IV, the date of their alleged wedding) rather than swapping wedding bands.