The Three Sex Styles

According to Dr. Sue Johnson (not to be confused with the old Sex Talk’s silver fox, Sue Johanson), there are three types of sex. Short and sweet, long and aerobic, drunken and sloppy? Well, that’s what we thought! But the doc breaks it down a little more scientifically. Sue says emotional presence is the biggest aphrodisiac and it defines the degrees of intercourse. The freedom of speech you can achieve with a partner actually informs your Big O. With that in mind, here are the sexy levels of sex — whether you’re in a relationship or not — as Doc Johnson sees it, after the jump…1. One-Night-Stand Style All you’ve got is this hole-in-one. You don’t know what makes him tick, you don’t care, and that makes it fun…temporarily. You’re in the heat of the moment and grabbing a new partner and dosey-do-ing all the time suits you just fine. But in the morning, chances are, you’ll get a less fleeting tinge of regret….unless you’re a Samantha.

2. Needy Nookie Does he love me, I wanna know? So you head straight for the care-o-meter — it’s all about cuddling, pleasing your partner, and trying a lil’ tenderness. But be warned, when you want him to show how much he loves you in the sack alone, your sex will always be vanilla. Which can be plain tasty, but you know you’d prefer a sexual sundae! That takes trust and communication. Because, like, what if you’re allergic to nuts?

3. N’Sync When you feel like you can say and do anything to your partner. This has nothing to do with kink, but it keeps you open to the possibility because you’re open with each other. Sexual pleasure is just as good at the journey because you have a bond, in life and in the bedroom. Like when you have a good dancing partner, you intuitively know the next step — whether it’s a bump or a grind. This also helps you relax and enjoy the ride because your head and heart are stimulated along with your even more private parts, naturally.