The Ins And Outs Of Project Runway

While watching Project Runway’s season premiere and the promo videos for tonight’s episode, we noticed that some of the contestants (and Heidi) have awesome personal style. Others, on the other hand, have questionable style. Now, this doesn’t mean the clothes they design are awful, but I think it does say something about a designer when he sports a rattail. After the jump, we judge Project Runway’s style…


Heidi Klum always looks great, and we think this French-braid hairstyle of hers is going to take off.

It’s all about feather headbands this fall, and Kenley is ahead of the trend since this episode was taped a while ago.

Hippie headbands are overdone, in our opinion (unless you’re Zoe Kravitz), but that blue and white striped wall behind Emily is fab and would be a good bathroom paint job.


Does Daniel think he’s Carrie Bradshaw with that flower pin?

Blayne, oh, Blayne. You are not a skater or a gay Kurt Cobain, are you?

Keith has a rattail. That is all.


Suede’s blue mohawk is up for debate, as is his name.

Tonight at 10pm, the second episode of Project Runway will air on Bravo with the almost always fashionable Natalie Portman judging the contestants’ eco-friendly designs. From the looks of the outfit she’s wearing (above, green dress), Natalie’s definitely “in.”