Poll: Does Cheating Make You Uglier?

Jude Law circa Gattaca was so hot I would have given my left breast if he’d just feel up my right one. Dapper, charismatic, and as sexy as his movies are long, Law of course broke the rules of romance and my heart. When he cheated on his fiance with the nanny, I felt cheated too, betrayed. How could my dreamboat be such a bastard?! Jude’s real life bad behavior made him look just that. Suddenly my superstar crush was super undesirable as he morphed in to a fugly philanderer. And you know his cheating crime snowballed with his ex-fiance Sienna Miller, who dumped her fiance Rhys Ifans and housebroke with Balthazar Getty. It’s a trail of tears! And now my movie star idolatry is Law-less. After my fine guy fantasy turned ugly, I just can’t seem to find him attractive anymore, even in his new ad campaign (above). So tell me, ladies, does a celebrity’s bad behavior make you find them less attractive?