Political Magazine The Nation Debuts Sex Column

Well this is fascinating. The Nation, a well-respected, politically left-leaning magazine is introducing a sex column! JoAnn Wypijewski’s “Carnal Knowledge” column probably will discuss sexual topics that have some sort of link to culture or politics, but it’s not clear if she’ll be taking questions from readers. I’ve been reading The Nation for a long time, mainly because I think it offers all sorts of info the mainstream media leaves out, but it’s hardly what I’d call the most exciting magazine in the world. Jon Friedman from the Wall Street Journal points out that The Nation is about as asexual as a magazine can be, so are they only adding sex appeal to boost sales? Wypijewski told Friedman, “What drives politics is celebrity. What drives celebrity is sex appeal…I don’t think people on the left side of the political spectrum take sex seriously — or seriously enough.” Hmm, well I am certainly eager to see how this turns out. The inaugural column was more of introduction, saying:

“Most acutely, gay liberationists and pro-sex feminists have long understood that sex, religion, economics, power and freedom aren’t discrete little categories; they’re of a piece. Accordingly, ‘Carnal Knowledge’ will explore sex as desire, as work, as play, as the screen against which America projects its fantasies and fears.”

Suddenly I’m a little more excited for the next issue… [WSJ: Market Watch]