Frosting Can’t Compare To Tequila

There’s no denying that the best part of a cupcake is the frosting, and now that the whole cupcake craze is dying down, a handful of bakeries are offering up the best of this treat in small shot-sized cups. Frosting shots have been billed by College Candy as the delicious answer to a regular shot, but without the hangover. I, however, don’t think anything can compare to good, old-fashioned tequila. For one, a shot is supposed to be swallowed in one gulp. I imagine that when you turn a frosting shot upside down nothing spills into your mouth, so now, you have to use some sort of utensil. Second, a bunch of adults sitting around eating frosting would be a pretty hilarious scene. I remember when eating Duncan Hines straight out of the container was a private matter, not a social gathering. Third, I’d much rather have a hangover than come down from a sugar high while in public. When I was younger I wasn’t allowed to have a lot of sugar because I would actually get high from it, which means I’d go absolutely bonkers until the sugar wore off. Then I’d be the meanest and crankiest person ever while I came down from my high. So I’d rather save my friends and myself the embarrassment of going through this whole ordeal. At least there are ways to prevent a hangover, like drinking water before passing out or nodding off.