NYC Abandons Plans To Stop Public Transit Pervs

While any woman who has ever ridden public transportation most likely has a story about some jerk who copped a feel or a shifty-eyed loser who made her switch cars, almost none of us come forward to complain about the creep. So back in March, Boston launched a campaign to bust pervs on public transportation. Working with the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, they posted subway ads encouraging woman to tell the authorities when they experience unwanted sexual advances on public transit and even policewomen went under cover to catch the cretins. Thanks to their efforts, Bostonians have begun to take action too and there has been a spike in reported cases. Mission accomplished! New York was supposed to following in their footsteps to curb a similar sexual harassment problem in the city, but before the ads were even posted, they were pulled. Unfortunately, some bureaucratic knuckleheads (who probs ride around in a chauffeured car) think that advertising that a woman will report this kind of crime will actually encourage perverts to grope and fondle, Granted the proposed ads strayed a bit from the Boston model — instead of empowering women with information on where and how to report a problematic passenger, the proposed NY ads just say, “Rub against me and I’ll expose you.” So, they’re more like dirty talk than information, but the campaign should not be abandoned because of a bad first draft. Especially since a survey discovered 10% of women have been sexually abused and 63% sexually harassed on the NYC subway. [Ad Freak]