How To Look Good In A Swimsuit

The weekend’s finally here! And in the summer time, that can only mean one thing, it’s time to put on your bathing suit and hit the beach, pool, backyard, hood of a car…whatevs, you’re getting into a swatch of spandex and it’s time to show off! How to look your best in a bikini may seem like an existential crisis, forcing you to question everything from your food intake to how deep you need to go into the water. But we’ve distilled down the strutting your stuff essentials into a few easy steps so you can step out and confidently show some skin!

1. Ooze with Attitude Be confident and casual — that’s always sexy. If you know you look good, so does everyone else.
2. Get Set Straight Shoulders up, chest out. To check your posture, stand against the wall. Tuck your booty under until your back, shoulders, and ankles are flat against the wall. Now suck in your stomach a lil’, so the muscles are tight. That’s perfect posture and it flatters everyone! So don’t slump like a slouch, it runs the risk of skin roll tan lines, plus it makes you look nervous. Stand proudly and put it all out there!
3. Cross Over Don’t be stiff. Flash back to ballet class. Third position, with the front foot facing forward, is everyone’s most sveltifying angle. It’s the pin up girl pose because it brings out your natural curves and it gives you long sexy lines.
4. Wear Big Accessories Big things draw attention and make other things look petite in comparison. So wear big hats, big sunglasses, big necklaces, big everything. It’ll frame your body with many focal points of interest. Plus they show what a stylish woman of mystery you are!