I Know He’s Hot! I Can Hear It In His Voice.

Have you ever been attracted to someone whom you only heard, but had not seen? Well it turns out that through our senses, we are able to judge a potential mate’s health and reproductive genetics–reflected in the symmetry of their body–via the sound of his/her voice. In a recent study, published in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, participants listened to recorded voices and rated the voices based on attractiveness according to nine characteristics, including approachability, intelligence, sexiness and warmth. The researchers found that men and women whose voices were deemed approachable, sexy and intelligent were the most attractive overall. And the voices rated the most attractive were from those whose bodies were the most symmetrical. But a sexy voice and symmetrical body have nothing to do with the attractiveness of a person’s face. And researchers are still unable to objectively quantify a “sexy voice.” [Tango]