Nerd Love: Bloggers Exposed!

Bloggers spend a lot of time alone, scanning the Internet from dank, cold, dark basements. Frankly we expect them to be, with the exception of ourselves, kind of fugs. Wrong! Your hot interweb fantasy commentators are actually totally hot! has assembled 140 Faces of Well Known Bloggers You Don’t Want To Miss, or BILF’s (Bloggers I’d Like to…you know…) as we call ‘em. And let me tell you, they are as funny and smart as they are sexy! Of course all the girl writers are great looking….but some of those young nerd studs could be centerfolds. We recommend our favorites, after the jump…
#32, blond baby face Drew Curtis from Fark
#14 shy guy Blake Robinson of Crunch Gear
#106 the dapper Pete Cashmore of Mashable

#96 Michael K of Dlisted (he has the cutest puppy dog eyes — that’s him up top!)
#131 tall, dark, and handsome, Takashi Yamada of Yanko Design
…and the piece of ass de resistance, #115, the tasty Ricky Van Veen of College Humor.

Sigh, although the internet brings us together, we’re still so far apart. If only we could get a personal connection to be as good as our wireless one…..