Sweet Release: What’s In And Out The Week Of July 15th 2008


  • Life With My Sister Madonna by Christopher Ciccone
    Surprisingly enough, the thing we’re excited the most about this week is a book…okay, so it’s not War and Peace obvi, but it is about Madonna! Written by her brother, (who is gay of course), it’s supposed to be a tell-all that shows the real way to Madonna’s heart isn’t through blood relation, but through her crotch. Duh! Still we can’t wait to read it!


  • The Hold Steady, Stay Positive
    The Hold Steady, true to their name, have released their fourth album in four years, Stay Positive. These five guys from Brooklyn keep on rockin’ n’ rollin’.
  • O.A.R., All Sides
    So, this submitter is willing to embarrass herself and admit she went to Israel with the dudes from O.A.R. The band members actually met at that fateful summer program and they sure have come a long way from freestyle bongos in the garden. Now, three records later, their fare is less DMB and more lovey dovey pop rock.
  • Nas, Untitled
    Nas backs up his bravado. There’s no denying his talent to talk it out over and over again on albums. The cover is raw, the rhymes are hot, it’s another Nas record.


  • Penelope
    This picturesque flick stars Christina Ricci, James McAvoy, and Reese Witherspoon. Its colorful and kitschy setting is a backdrop for a young woman distressed by her family curse — for generations the women have been jilted by lovers. We can relate, sans curse.
  • The Year My Parents Went On Vacation
    A coming of age story for a boy in Brazil whose parents abandon him during the 1970 World Cup. Many a film festival loved this lil’ man and you just might too.
  • Escaped Maniacs: Iggy & The Stooges Live
    Iggy Pop is the baddest mofo ever! Even though he’s in his 60’s, you’ll still wanna be his dog, or at least take him and The Stooges home via this live concert DVD from 2005’s Lokerse Festival.