Long-Distance Relationships Are Expensive, Especially In This Economy

Fuel prices are affecting bank accounts, that’s for sure, but did you know high prices might be influencing relationships, as well? An article in The Washington Post discusses the effects of increased plane ticket prices on long-distance relationships. It seems that as a result of the current state of the economy, many going the distance are either seeing each other less often or reducing their spending on other extras. I never quite understood how people in LDRs did it in the first place — they seem so taxing.

Greg Guldner, the director of the Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships says it’s too soon to tell whether the economic downturn will truly affect LDRs, but high prices do seem to make couples more stressed. However, his research shows that people doing the long-distance thing don’t need to see each other a certain amount of times — like every month — to make their relationship work. “People who buy into those myths who now can’t afford to [travel] are now facing quite the dilemma,” Guildner said. “Because if they believe that the relationship won’t work if they don’t see each other once a month, they may be making decisions about either ending the relationship or ending whatever it is that’s keeping them apart.” [Washington Post via Tango]