We See Chick Flicks, Er, Action Movies Starring James McAvoy: Wanted

Starring Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Common
I was very excited to see Wanted because it stars two of my most favorite sexual beings ever: James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie. I dragged our usual “We See Chick Flicks” scribe, Lesley, out to see the movie on Friday night and needless to say, I was a bit worried at first that she would never speak to me again. The first 10 minutes are intensely violent and bloody, but after that, the part of your brain that makes you gag when you see a bullet enter a skull in slow motion starts to deaden a little, and the rest of the movie is pretty easy to watch. Unless of course you don’t like knives…The Lowdown: Here’s the premise of the movie, which is based on a comic book. James McAvoy plays Wesley, a rather Edward Norton-in-Fight Club-esque character. Wesley hates his banal existence, but soon discovers he is the son of one of the world’s best assassins, who just died after being assassinated himself by a rogue member of his organization, The Fraternity. Angelina Jolie plays Fox, another one of the assassins in The Fraternity, run by Morgan Freeman, sent to recruit Wesley to the organization because he is the only one who can kill his father’s killer. The Fraternity assassinates people that fate tells them to, and fate communicates through a loom — yes, a loom. Like, that makes blankets and stuff. The loom will sometimes weave in binary code, which translates to a name and blah blah blah, you get it. Wesley has to learn how to be a great assassin and gets beat the hell up A LOT throughout the movie. I spent a lot of time afterwards trying to decide which sound makes me want to puke more — the crunch of a fist making contact with facial cartilage, or the metallic-y hum of a knife slicing up someone’s bare flesh? The verdict is still out. Anyway, the point of the movie seems to be about whether there’s ever a justification for killing another person, and seems to decide that, yes there is. Not sure if I agree, but whatever, I am a hippie.

The Verdict: Wanted had a few unexpected twists, tons of seriously amazing special effects (which can still be appreciated through moderately parted fingers!), and a shot of Angelina’s naked butt. There was only one paltry make out scene between McAvoy and Jolie, a disappointment considering the preview for the movie makes such a big deal out of it. My last real qualm with the film is that any James McAvoy movie where he has an American accent is a waste of his authentic Scottish brogue. But I suppose I can live with it, if the film does indeed extend into a trilogy.