Star Couplings: Madonna Messes Up Alex Rodriguez’s Game

  • Some Toronto Blue Jays fans taunted Alex Rodriguez at a Yankee game this weekend, holding up photos of Madonna. As a Red Sox fan, I love it! [DListed]
  • Sienna Miller is really not doing much to make herself sympathetic. She confirmed last week’s rumor that she was shagging her married co-star, Balthazar Getty, the two of them went on a boat, she took of her top, and they made out for the cameras to see! He has four kids, by the way. Doesn’t she remember how it felt to have Jude Law cheat on her? [Perez Hilton]
  • Creepy. Angelina Jolie was awake and laughing during her C-section. Are they make epidurals that strong these days?! [Us Weekly]
  • Is Paris Hilton not drinking these days because she’s pregnant? Now I need a drink. [E! Online]