Catfights On TV: Strategies Of A Queen Bee

On Friday, I did indeed watch Queen Bees on the N, like I promised. And boy do I have to say that it was everything the network had promised. Cat fights. Lies. And diva-tude, galore. I usually get annoyed when producers release the first 10 minutes of a show because when the show actually airs, only half of it is new content. I was pleasantly surprised, however, to learn that Bees was a whole hour long, so I settled in for an extended romp with mindless television. But the thing is, this show isn’t mindless and neither are its contestants. Some of these girls are real schemers. From the start, Shavon picked up on Brittany the Name-Dropper’s weakness, like a cougar on the prowl and attacked her prey with gusto. It was pretty obvious that Brittany needs others to validate her and her incessant name-dropping raked on everyone’s nerves, including mine. So, I enjoyed when Shavon blasted her, but the half-ass apology that came later was definitely a ploy for Shavon to keep her golden star, which is how Dr. Michelle charts the divas’ progress.

Now on to the lies…This week’s adventure in nice was an inner-beauty pageant, which was judged by blind people. The queen bees were told they’d have to participate in a beauty pageant, and it was hysterical to watch them primp not knowing the judges would be blind. The undeserving winner was Stassi, who revealed that she does have flaws and weaknesses. But earlier in the program, she said she was “pretty much perfect.”

Am I the only one that thought Dr. Michelle had the biggest, most surprising diva-tude? During her therapy session, she seemed to be on the defensive and attacked Kiana, who was the only contestant to verbalize the ridiculousness of this week’s challenge. During the pageant, Kiana actually called Stassi out for lying. I think Dr. Michelle just didn’t like Kiana and let her personal feelings get in the way. Dr. Michelle should have pointed out that none of the girls actually got the meaning behind the challenge. Then the good doctor took away Kiana’s gold star because someone had to lose a star, in order to keep the drama going.

So after one episode, a few of the mean girls seems to have their winning strategies in full swing. Shavon will attack and apologize later. Brittany will play the misunderstood weakling. Stassi will fib her way to a win. Michelle will be the pretend-a-friend. And Camille, who already broke down in therapy, will reveal too much too early in order to win over Dr. Michelle. The jury is still out on Gisbelle and Kiana, though.

As a semi-reformed mean girl, I totally love this show. I’m pulling for Shavon. There’s something about her attitude that just speaks to my inner-mean girl. And she is the most poised and mature of the bunch.