The 16 Best iPhone Applications That Won’t Bore The Heck Out Of The Ladies

Dudes, I love my iPhone. It is the best thing to happen to me since the invention of Trader Joe’s frozen mac ‘n’ cheese. That’s why today is a super exciting day for current iPhone owners AND people who have been holding out for a second generation model. The iPhone 3G is out today and in addition to the new model, Apple is opening the doors to their App Store, giving users access to hundreds of awesome (and awesomely stupid) applications. I decided to pick out the 16 best new apps that I think Frisky readers would enjoy. That list, after the jump…

UPDATE: Just so ya know, if you have an old iPhone and you’re trying to update the software, be warned that lots of people are having problems and that the update is causing their phone to crash, including our own Emily. [Engadget]1. iScopes: Until we manage to develop our own FriskyScopes app, get your horoscopes on the go.
2. Box Office: This app allows you to purchase tickets from your iPhone.
3. eBay: Participate in a bidding war for the premiere issue of Sassy while you’re on the toilet!
4. Ms. PacMan: ZOMG best arcade game EVER.
5. Love Guru: Daily love and relationship advise, based on your astrological sign.
6. Jade: Take a picture with your iPhone camera and then improve the quality with this photo program.
7. BrainChallenge: Yay! The iPhone can make you smarter!
8. iTarot: If the Death card comes up just as you’re about to cross a busy intersection, you’ve been warned.
9. Pandora Radio: Stream music directly onto your iPhone by typing in the name of any artist.
10. OneTap Movies: Will recognize where you are using GPS technology and tell you what movies are playing nearby and also show you any film’s trailer.
11. Math Quiz: Maybe it’s just me because I am a math nerd, but this seems like a fun way to pass the time while waiting in line at the bank.
12. RetroPhone: Turn your phone into a rotary so Grandma can use it!
13. Big Tipper: There are loads of tipping apps to choose from, all of which will tell you exactly how much to give a waiter if you want to tip at any percentage.
14. Urban Spoon: Can’t decide where to eat? Shake your iPhone and the slot machine will pick a restaurant nearby for you using GPS technology.
15. Omnifocus: This app takes your list of To Do items and tells you when and where to complete them using GPS. For example: “Don’t forget to buy tampons” will pop up when you pass by a CVS.
16. Loopt: This app takes social networking on the road, telling you where your friends are nearby and what they’re doing. Also excellent for stalking ex-boyfriends.