Dating On Demand

Cable TV provider Comcast is trying to get singles to participate in their new video dating service, “Dating on Demand,” by taping guys and girls in bars. So, when people are a couple drinks into their night, an interviewer comes at them, asking them to share their guilty pleasures, show a tattoo, or offer details about a past hookup. But don’t worry, even though Comcast seems to be recruiting any willing bar-goer, everyone has to sign a waiver and allow the company to run a background check on them. And the service seems fairly exclusive (or perhaps few want to be video-taped in places with bad lighting), because they only plan to add about 40 to 50 new videos a month in south Florida, one of Dating on Demand’s 21 U.S. markets. This could make for some great late night TV watching if you’re sick of Proactiv’s infomercial. [South Florida Sun-Sentinel]