Wii Game “Pong Toss,” Alcohol Not Included

Beer Pong, Pong, Beirut. Just a few names for that ever-popular drinking game consisting of plastic Solo cups, beer, and pong balls. Anyone who has ever played will inform you that the point of the game is not only to win but to increase your overall level of intoxication, as well. Due to the level of popularity among young adults, Nintendo are releasing a new game for Wii called “Pong Toss.” Everything about the game is the same as the original — you shoot the pong ball at a pyramid of cups and try to eliminate them before your competitor does – the only thing Nintendo left out was the beer. Obviously this is creating controversy. New York psychologist Eva Levine believes that there will be a rise in underage drinking since the game is recommended for ages 13 and up. But then again there hasn’t really been an outrage of car-jackings and pimping since the creation of Grand Theft Auto. Being able to play Wii Pong Toss alone will definitely help you work on your shooting skills for that next party, but you’ll also have to justify how drinking alone while playing Wii isn’t alcoholism. [ABC News]