The Top Ten Most Pathetically Emo Songs Written By Dudes

Oh man, there are lots of realllllllly emotional, pathetic, wimpy songs written by guys out there. I would offer commentary on their sappiness, but it is just not necessary. Thought of a song I missed? Put the lyrics in the comments! And get out your Kleenex — you’ll laugh so hard at these boys crying that you’ll shed a few tears.

10. “Take what’s left of this man/Make me whole once again/’Cause I want you/And I feel you/crawling underneath my skin/Like a hunger/Like a burning/To find the place I’ve never been/Now I’m broken/And I’m fading/I’m half the man I thought I would be/You can have/All that’s left/Yeah, yeah, yeah/What’s left of me.” – “What’s Left Of Me”, Nick Lachey9. “I’m not afraid to cry every once in a while/Even though going on with you gone still upsets me/There are days every now and again I pretend I’m ok/But that’s not what gets me/What hurts the most/Was being so close/And having so much to say/And watching you walk away/And never knowing/What could have been/And not seeing that loving you/Is what I was tryin’ to do.” – “What Hurts The Most”, Rascal Flatts

8. “Will you be my valentine/If I’m a world away?/Apologies/Are breaking me/Constants aren’t so constant anymore/Two days I wait for/Calls to come through/Tonight for me translates/To yesterday to you.” – “Valentine”, The Get-Up Kids

7. “This is the first day of my life/I swear I was born right in the doorway/I went out in the rain suddenly everything changed/They’re spreading blankets on the beach/Yours is the first face that I saw/I think I was blind before I met you/Now I don’t know where I am/I don’t know where I’ve been/But I know where I want to go.” – “First Day Of My Life”, Bright Eyes

6. “My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me/So won’t you kill me?/So I die happy/My heart is yours to fill or burst/To break or bury/Or wear as jewelry/Whichever you prefer.” – “Hands Down”, Dashboard Confessional

5. “Oh I, I just died in your arms tonight/It must’ve been something you said/I just died in your arms tonight/Oh I, I just died in your arms tonight/It must’ve been some kind of kiss/I should’ve walked away/I should’ve walked away/Is there any just cause for feeling like this/On the surface I’m a name on a list/I try to be discreet, but then blow it again/I’ve lost and found, it’s my final mistake/She’s loving by proxy, no give and all take/’Cause I’ve been thrilled to fantasy one too many times.” – “(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight”, Cutting Crew

4. “Would you dance if I asked you to dance?/Would you run and never look back?/Would you cry if you saw me crying?/Would you save my soul tonight?/Would you tremble if I touched your lips?/Would you laugh oh please tell me these?/Now would you die for the one you love?/Hold me in your arms tonight?/I can be you hero baby/I can kiss away the pain/I will stand by you forever/You can take my breath away.” – “Hero”, Enrique Iglesias

3. “I cry each night my tears for you/My tears are all in vain/I’ll hope and I’ll pray that maybe someday/You’ll be back in my arms once again/Someone, help me, help me, help me please/Is the answer up above/How can I, how can I tell them/This is not a puppy love.” – “Puppy Love”, Donny Osmond

2. “You’re beautiful/You’re beautiful/You’re beautiful, it’s true/I saw your face in a crowded place/And I don’t know what to do/’Cause I’ll never be with you/Yes, she caught my eye/As we walked on by/She could see from my face that I was/F**king high/And I don’t think/That I’ll see her again/But we shared a moment that will last ’till the end.” – “You’re Beautiful”, James Blunt

1. “I’m lying alone with my head on the phone/Thinking of you till it hurts/I know you hurt too but what else can we do/Tormented and torn apart/I wish I could carry your smile and my heart/For times when my life feels so low/It would make me believe what tomorrow could bring/When today doesn’t really know, doesn’t really know/I ‘m all out of love/I’m so lost without you/I know you were right believing for so long/I’m all out of love/What am I without you/I can’t be too late to say that I was so wrong.” – “All Out Of Love”, Air Supply