My Feet No Longer Make Me Feel Ashamed: Why I Love The Ped-Egg

I have a bit of a foot problem. For whatever reason, despite fairly frequent pedicures, especially during the winter months (which I pay for less out of vanity and more because I friggin’ lovvvvve a salon massage chair [that does the kneeding NOT the vibrating, FYI]), my feet, while perfectly shaped (fact), are so dry, they peel. Maybe it’s because I under moisturize them, but then again, the only place I moisturize is my face, because I am low maintenance. Couple this natural dry peeling with my OCD, and you’ve got many wasted hours sitting in front of the TV, peeling off bits of my foot skin. I know this is disgusting, but there is a point to the madness of this post. I have just discovered the Ped-Egg and I am forever changed. Should they desire my services I would become their version of Jessica Simpson for Pro-Active. For serious.Okay, so backtracking to the peeling. I am a natural born picker. I find it immensely satisfying either biting off a just-grown out fingernail, thumbing away at a scab, and, especially, picking at my dry feet. It’s totally disgusting, but seriously, it’s the OCD. It makes hour long episodes of The Real World so much better. But the habit has a few negative side effects, one of which is unsightly feet and the second of which is going for those bi-weekly pedicures and feeling like the women are talking about me. So I’ve been trying, lately, to rectify the situation. I thought that if I could get my feet to a lovely, smooth, supple softness I wouldn’t want to ruin them with a pick-isode.

Cut to this weekend. I was out in the boonies doing some necessities shopping at a drug store when a huge PED-EGG display caught my eye. I’ve obvi seen the amazing infomercial (see above) which naturally tickled the part of me that just lovvvves gross stuff (foot dust, whoopee!), but I’ve doubted it’s effectiveness, much the way I doubt the stain removing power of Oxi-Clean. But for a fairly affordable price of $9.95, I couldn’t resist or wait to go sit in the backyard and file my callouses to smithereens.

And what do ya know….IT WORKED. Seriously, the bottom of my feet, which looked soooo rough and uneven and scaley and fugs before, are now as smooth as Jessica Simpson’s pimple-free skin. Best of all, it’s totally no mess, but if you’re a freak like me, you can totes pop open the Ped-Egg and take a gander at your foot dust when you’re finished. Almost as satisfying as peeling! []