Folding Clothes Is Just Not That Serious

One of the greatest lessons I learned while working at New York & Company in my early-’20s was how to half fold a T-shirt. It’s pretty basic…you just fold the shirt in half and then fold the sleeves over the front. But the genius is that you can fit about 10 shirts in a space that would normally hold about three traditionally folded ones. Thankfully though, I’m not an obsessive folder, someone who continues to fold and organize their clothing as if they still worked in a clothing store. But I have to tell you these people do exist. And they’re letting their retail pasts and ideas of folding perfection affect their marriages and clothing choices — according to a Wall Street Journal article, some actually select clothes based on an item’s foldability. You know, it’s kind of sad that these people, who say they can’t help themselves, weren’t able to deprogram after the long hours of folding T-shirts, jeans and even panties. (Yes, we actually had to fold panties. And for this reason my underwear drawer now looks like a tangled mess.) But then again, I bet their closets are amazingly immaculate, a feat we all can envy. [Wall Street Journal]