Wedding Trend: Not Inviting Children

No Kids Allowed! That is what many couples are saying on their wedding invitations. Ten years ago, this wasn’t common, according to U.K. wedding planner Barry Long, but now, he said, about half of the weddings he does have that policy. People haven’t necessarily become child-haters, but brides have become a little more anal about controlling every single aspect of their wedding. Screaming children ruin videos of the momentous event, and they cost just as much to feed as adults, as caterers typically charge per head, even if a few of the heads are only chewing on chicken fingers. But excluding kids can cause rifts between friends, especially if a babysitter cancels, leaving parents with only two choices: bring the kids to the wedding or don’t go. Rhonda Williams, who has two children, refused to go to a friends wedding when this happened and the bride wouldn’t make an exception. Now the two don’t even talk. Even stranger than the wedding couple deciding to leave children out of their big day is when the church decides for them. One couple in England have complained to the Church of England after a vicar ordered a toddler’s removal from their ceremony — he was the bride and groom’s child. [BBC]