Sweet Release: What’s In And Out The Week Of July 8th 2008


  • Albert Hammond Jr.Como Te Llama?
    Albert Hammond Jr. releases his second record sans the Strokes — Como Te Llama?, or, “What’s Your Name?” in Spanish. If you didn’t already know the guitar hero’s name, you won’t forget him and his sonic lovin’ after this record. Softer, sweeter, and joyous (especially for a hipster), Hammond has laid down beautiful tracks with his band, which features a member of another popular NYU group, Marc Phillipe from the defunct Sexy Magazines. While we are all waiting for the Strokes’ record #4, if Hammond is going to go off and make songs on his own like this, at least the hold music rocks.
  • Beck Modern Guilt
    Ignore the girlie hair do, and go straight for Beck’s goods. His new record Modern Guilt is ghostly, catchy pop. It’s sexy and oddly danceable at times, even with socially conscious lyrics like “with these ice caps melting down.” For Beck, the composer chameleon comparable to Bowie, Modern Guilt is another classic album that defines the sounds and feelings of the times.
  • DVD

  • Stop-Loss
    Stop-Loss stars Ryan Phillipe and Joseph Gordon Levitt. Sure, the flick is really about soldiers who return from a tour of duty to their home in Texas only to be shipped back out to Iraq, but it’s also a good excuse to fawn over Phillipe and Levitt in uniform.
  • This Kiss
    Two best friends from high school reunite a decade later. While one is a stay at home mom and the other is a businesswoman, they still have one longing in common…each other. Meow!