Romance On TV + Poll: The Bachelorette Picks Her Man

Oh, The Bachelorette. How I regret not watching you from the first episode. Last night was the finale and boy, was is it a doozy. Jeremy returned! To rather sadly beg for DeAnna back, mind you, but he was there and delightfully less Patrick Bateman-esque. But it wasn’t enough, because DeAnna was MORE in love with Snowboarder McGee and Daddy Dopeyface and had a major decision to make. The thing that drives me crazy about this show is that up until the very last second, The Bach is always totally in love with both competitors, but then suddenly, the clouds part and it’s clear who he/she should choose? I mean, if I was the chosen one, I would probably still be a little insecure. Anyway, if you don’t want to know who DeAnna chose and who proposed to her, don’t click to after the jump and don’t watch the video above either…Okay so, I love the build up to when the limo pulls up to the house and Chris Harrison opens the door to reveal the first arrival, cause the first person to arrive ALWAYS gets cut and it’s such a “YES! I knew it!” moment. This whole time, even though I think Snowboard McGee (Jesse) is a little fugs, I was rooting for him to win because I just really think Daddy Dopeyface (Jason) might be a little bit on the slow side and he reminds me of a not-so-cute puppy panting at her feet. Luckily, Jesse’s limo pulled up first, signaling that DeAnna didn’t care much for his drool either. Jason got down on bended knee and before he could ask DeAnna to marry him, she stopped him with a simple, “I can’t.” Man, how humiliating. You get down on one knee in front of a national audience and get dissed before you can say a word. OH WELL.

Snowboarder McGee was the next to arrive and DeAnna was all, “Jesse is my soulmate” blah, blah, blah, and Jesse looked like he was going to pass out and my heart kind of melted for these two crazy kids. So Jesse proposed and DeAnna accepted and finally said I love you and it was just cute. I admit it. Oh, one thing, I will say that I thought the ring Dopeyface picked out was prettier, but you can’t have it all, I guess. Anyway, I missed the “After the Final Rose” show afterwards, but I read this morning that DeAnna and Jesse are getting married in May 2009, which is when I am getting married, so bitches better not try and overshadow me. Anyway, clip above is of Jesse’s proposal. And vote in our poll! Did DeAnna choose the right guy?