Fashion Slideshow: Dress Like Gossip Girl’s Rich, Preppy Snots!

Did you tune into Gossip Girl each week for an hour-long fashion fix? Did you ever miss a key plot point because you were daydreaming about Blair Waldorf’s latest Balenciaga handbag? Well…so were the rest of the 2.7 million viewers. Gossip Girl is more than a show about Manhattan’s elite private schools; it’s a cultural phenomenon that has had a great impact on retail trends, making preppy staples like piped blazers and argyle fashionable again. And although the television season has ended (you can watch repeats on The CW Monday nights), we’re sure its ritzy, collegiate style will be showing up in department stores nationwide when the “Back to School” season begins. Now if only there was a definitive answer to: “How old is too old to wear knee-socks and a short pleated skirt?” Click the pictures for more info! [New York Times]