Bras And Bull Semen Are Being Exported To Iran

Did you know the U.S. exports stuff to Iran? Lots and lots of stuff, in fact. During the time that President Bush has been in office, at least $158 million worth of cigarettes alone were sent there. “Our sanctions are targeted against the regime, not the people,” said Adam Szubin, director of the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, which enforces trade sanctions. Strangely, some of the products that the government doesn’t want the people of Iran to be without include: bull semen ( “The animals we’re working with are genetically superior to those in many parts of the world,” said the company’s marketing manager.); at least $101,000 worth of bras; $175,000 in sculptures; nearly $96,000 worth of cosmetics; $8,900 in perfume; $30,000 in musical instruments and parts; $21,000 in golf carts and/or snowmobiles; and $3,300 in fur clothing. [AP via CNN]