Star Couplings: More Madonna & Alex Rodriguez Drama

  • Here’s the latest in the Madonna/Alex Rodriguez “scandal”. Cynthia Rodriguez is filing for divorce, supposedly, today and sources close to her (including her dad) confirm that Madonna is the reason for the split. Additionally, it seems A. Rod has taken up Madonna’s religion, Kaballah. Madonna says otherwise, claiming that she has nothing to do with the Rodriguez’s marital problems or the religion A. Rod chooses to explore. She also says she and Guy Ritchie are not getting divorced. Phew. [Perez Hilton]
  • In Christopher Ciccone’s tell-all about his sister, he claims Madonna grabbed Gwyneth Paltrow and kissed her at a party once. [DListed]
  • Sadness. Christina Applegate’s boyfriend was found dead of a drug overdose. He apparently battled drug addiction for some time. [Us Weekly]
  • Uma Thurman, who claimed she would never getting married again but recently got engaged, says she is “happy to retract my statement” and says that engaged life is “wonderful.” [People]
  • At a concert this weekend, Keith Urban dedicated a song to his “very, very, very, very, VERY pregnant wife”, Nicole Kidman, which suggests she is due to give birth any time now. Good, cause it seems like she’s been pregs FOREVER. [People]