Thrillist’s Top 5 Things That Your Dude Is Totally Going To Want

Stumped for a gift for your guy that isn’t GTA4 or the latest 10-blade razor? Have no fear! The Frisky has teamed up with Thrillist to bring you the top guy stuff that doesn’t suck—like this totally extreme skimboard! You can thank us after your BF is done thanking you.

Water: Banzai Skimboard Surfer
When you take a Slip ‘n’ Slide, juice up its waterflow, and chuck in a 30-inch wood skimboard, you get a whole new arena in which to display the lack of coordination that caused the circus to run away without you. Pick up the Surfer at

Really Quick Drinks: Bierstick
Load up to 24oz of brew into this clear plastic mega-syringe and, when properly plunged, you can imbibe the whole payload in under two seconds, for those times when you’ve got to land the airplane like now. To properly max out your limits, get one at

Big Bowling, Smashin’, Makin’ My Ends: Jumbo Bowling
Ideal for outdoor rolling, each JB comes with a 25″- diameter inflatable ball and three 42″-high pins. For ball return, enslave one of the children this toy was intended for. Snag a set or two at

Night Games: Lumitoss Glow-in-the-Dark Cornhole Boards
These Cornhole/Baggo/Throw- Beanbags-Through-Openings products’re outfitted for night play: powered overlays light the perimeter/scoring hole, and the bags glow in the dark — not to be confused with a B.A.G. that glows in the dark, club-kid-era David Silver. Get yourself a set at

Golf, But Smaller: MyMiniGolf
Set this nine-hole, 13-obstacle (loops, curves, spirals, etc) course up any which way you like; the clown face is up to you. Comes with four balls and two putters; pick up yours at

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