Our Bags Are Time Suckers

The average woman spends about four and a half minutes every day rummaging through her bag, according to a research by a company called Bagatidy. This comes out to about one full day a year spent searching through pens, loose papers, extra clothes, and whatever other crap you’re lugging around. We think this is entirely possible, given the contents of our bags:

  • Amelia’s bag: wallet, black umbrella, yellow cardigan, iPhone, keys, work ID, fake lavender Ray-Bans, two-week-old issue of New York magazine, promotional CD I got at a concert, mascara, four lip glosses, three pens, camera, copy of Breakfast At Tiffany’s (the book), various business cards, various loose pieces of paper, and loose change.
  • Catherine’s bag: wallet, red umbrella, black cardigan, phone, keys, camera, work ID, notebook, sunglasses case, two lip glosses, two lipsticks, one chapstick, datebook, pen, two pencils, iPod, and a USB drive.
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