The Frisky’s Guide To Sealing The Deal Without Shrinking Like A Violet

There comes a time (hopefully many) in every woman’s life when you’re finally one-on-one with a guy you’re hot for and are ready for him to resuscitate your love life with some serious mouth-to-mouth. But how do you let him know you want him, you want him so bad, it’s driving you mad? While some morons, er, dating gurus think smiling, touching his arm, leaning in etcetera, will help send him signals, that type of flirting went out with corsets and bustles. This is the 21st Century and even love has more buttons to push and you can push ‘em all! Don’t confuse him with clues when you can give him something he can feel. So forget subtlety, here’s how to really get what you want, after the jump… 1. Dress Hot If you dress like you care, he’ll know you do. So wear that one outfit no man can resist. No, not your lacy teddy — save that for later. Something you can wear in public like that summer dress or those bitty shorts everyone compliments you on. Yeah, wear that!
2. Pounce When the time is right, it’s right. He’s already agreed to some time alone, so get close. If he doesn’t run away, kiss him, what the heck?! This doesn’t mean you have to do him, that is unless you want to. And if you do, simply invite him up, the only thing hard about that is him, if all goes as planned.
3. Gloat You two lovebirds will probably giggle together after some sweet making out and that’s a good sign. Then pat your brave sexy self on the back and if you want, tell all your friends about the booty you just bagged. Dudes do it all the time.
4. Rinse Off and Repeat (Optional)