Thrillist’s Top 5 Things That Your Dude Is Totally Going To Want

Stumped for a gift for your guy that isn’t GTA4 or the latest 10-blade razor? Have no fear! The Frisky has teamed up with Thrillist to bring you the top guy stuff that doesn’t suck—like this sweet print with the Ninja Turtles on it! You can thank us after your BF is done thanking you.

Art: New Brandon Bird Prints
Pop-culture-twisting painter Bird’s got four new prints for sale, including “Mr. Noodle” (David Schwimmer doing aqua-robics with elderly women) and “What Nat Saw”, a weeping Natalie Portman ringed by the Ninja Turtles — oh that Raphael, so cool, and yet so crude. See/buy the prints at

Services: HowToCleanStuff
Peep detailed cleaning instructions on hundreds of items, from home goods (carpet, appliances, car seats), to bongs, to catheter bags (empty into bong). Clean it all up at

Drinks: Sommelier Wine Glasses
These hand-blown glasses look like plastic keg-party cups perched atop a thin stem — the perfect receptacle for the 18-year-old port you store in a bottle of Boone’s. Pick up the glasses at

Gear: Warrior Shoes
This Chinese athletic shoe was lusted after in the 70s; now, the lowtop, toe-capped Warrior’s been resurrected for worldwide buyers by a China-born Finnish citizen, who dug up 420 pairs. Included’s a limited-edition photo book chronicling the impoverished Chinese laborers who rock the shoes today, but are so clueless to their former celebrity, it’s almost as if they never learned about limited-edition throwback sneaker culture. Pick up the shoe/book package at

Services: How Caffeinated Are You?
Just click this test as quickly as possible for 30 seconds to get your over-venti’d rating, from “Slight Buzz”, to “Spastic, Nervous”, to “Cracked Out, Paranoid” — though being paranoid doesn’t mean those charlatans in the deli aren’t giving you Sanka on cups 6 through 10. See just how jacked you are, if you can still read your computer screen, at