Thank God It’s The Weekend!

In The Comfort Of Your Own Home:

  • Watch episodes of ALF on Hulu. [Hulu]
  • On Sunday don’t miss the premiere of Factory on Spike TV at 10pm. The show focuses on a group of small town friends who work together at a factory. We’ve seen the first episode and it is HI-larious. []
  • Sign up for the Daily Crave Newsletter. It will the best thing you ever did, besides being born. [Daily Crave Newsletter]
  • Out On The Town:

  • A couple studies recently found that 90 percent of people can sing in tune. I’m in the 10 percent, but you’re probably not. Go sing karaoke. Amelia recommends “Walkin’ After Midnight” by Patsy Cline. I recommend hiding in the bathroom. [LiveScience]
  • Let your heart be melted (and your eyes amazed) by Pixar’s latest, Wall-E. [Wall-E Official Site]
  • Visit your local Wal-Mart in celebration of Ruben Studdard’s wedding this weekend. Ruben met his bride-to-be in a CD signing at a Wal-Mart in Atlanta back in ’06. [AP]
  • While you’re at the strip mall, stop by Old Navy for $1 flip flops. [FabSugar]
  • If it doesn’t rain, go to a Pride Parade — NYC and San Francisco both have theirs this weekend. [,]