Anne Hathaway’s Dog Caught In The Middle Of Her Breakup

Anne Hathaway and her boyfriend of four years, Rafaello Follieri, split last week, and now he’s stuck behind bars until he raises $21 million in bail. This sucks, but what’s even worse is that he and Anne have a dog together, a chocolate lab named Esmeralda. Maybe this is a ploy to get Rafaello and his family some sympathy, but the New York Post reported that while Anne has been traveling around the world to promote Get Smart, the dog has been staying in Rafaello’s Trump Tower penthouse, and his mom, who came to New York from Italy for cancer treatment, is taking care of Esmeralda. A friend of Rafaello’s told the paper that Anne should come get her dog: “He can’t afford a dog walker and his mom has cancer.” Anne, please let me know if you want me to dog sit until you’re back in town. [NY Post]