He Wants To Know: How Do I Tell My Friend I Scored With His Pal?

Welcome to “He Wants To Know”, an advice column where YOU get to play Dear Abby. Every once and a while we’ll feature a question from a guy and we, with your help, will do our best to answer it. And guys, if you have a question, send it to us at [email protected]

Question: This weekend I slept with one of my buddy’s good friends. I haven’t told him yet. He told me she was bad news and I should stay away, but clearly I didn’t listen. I am not really sure how to tell him that I smeared his friend six ways from Sunday without damaging the friendship. What does The Frisky say? Do I reveal my sextivity to him or try and keep it under raps? Clearly I feel guilty…Help! — Sneaking Around, via email

The Frisky’s Answer: Umm, why does the dude care who you sleep with? Is she an ex-girlfriend? Someone he wants to get with? Because if not, it makes zero sense why he would give a crap that you “smeared her” unless of course he would just be weirded out that you hid the juicy details. Anyway, if you really think your friend needs to know, tell him, but don’t feel any guilt. Homeboy needs to GROW UP.