The Daily Squeeze: Marilyn Monroe’s Receipt, Casual Sex, And A Tragic Death

  • A hair salon receipt from the Beverly Hills’ Elizabeth Arden salon signed by Marilyn Monroe (who paid $15 for a treatment) will be auctioned today at Christie’s, with its estimated value between $1,500 and $2,000. What exactly does one do with something like this, hang it beside her dressing table? [Christie’s]
  • A new study published in Human Nature suggests that because of the negative feelings women report after having one-night stands, we’re not as well adapted to fleeting sexual encounters. Oh, and during days 10 to 18 of your cycle, you might have an increased sexual desire and arousal, as well as a preference for short-term partners. [EurekAlert]
  • A pregnant soldier’s body was found in a Fayetteville, NC, motel room a few days after she arrived at Fort Bragg from Germany, and authorities are investigating the “suspicious” death. [CBS News]