Get Your Rocks Off: a’tris’ Love Is An Emotional Rollercoaster Playlist

Boston-based band a’tris got their early musical inspiration from an unusual source — Sesame Street. Lead singer and pianist Mason Taylor started his musical career pounding away at one key on his Sesame Street keyboard, that of Oscar the Grouch, conveniently our favorite Muppet as well. Since then, the collaboration between music and what’s on screen has developed into songs that are really a soundtrack to life in general. That’s why it’s so fitting that a’tris’ playlist hits all the notes of love’s emotional rollercoaster. Check out their 10 picks, after the jump, and look out for their latest record, Lensing

David Byrne   David Byrne – “The Great Intoxication”

R.E.M.   R.E.M – “Orange Crush”

Radiohead   Radiohead – “We Suck Young Blood”

Elbow   Elbow – “Leaders of the Free World”

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton   Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton – “Our Hell”

Muse   Muse – “Ruled By Secrecy”

Godspeed You Black Emperor!   Godspeed You! Black Emperor – “Providence”

Feist   Feist – “Secret Heart”

Collective Soul   Collective Soul – “Crown”

Porcupine Tree   Porcupine Tree – “Anesthetize”

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