Birth Defects Linked to UTIs and STDs

Since the sexual revolution, it’s been hard for us modern gals to remember that our below the belt business is also for baby-making. STD’s and UTI’s are always a risk, but sadly, these party favors from sexual favors have been linked to birth defects. Just when you thought they were bad enough to handle on your own, a new study has found they quadruple your baby’s chances of being born with a birth defect known as gastroschisis. While the name of the disorder is hard to pronounce, the complications are convoluted too — gastrochisis causes the baby’s intestines and other organs to be born outside the abdomen. States like Utah have experienced a tenfold increase in cases over the past 30 years and they blame it on the rise of STD and UTI infections. Currently 1 in 2,700 babies nationally are born with gastrochisis. The good news is 90% of the afflicted children survive thanks to the miracle of modern medicine. But to stop the problem before it starts, here’s how you can protect your baby and yourself:

1. Always use a condom.
2. Pee and shower after sex.
3. Drink plenty of water and cranberry juice.
4. Only wear cotton crotch panties.
5. Don’t douche.
6. Wipe front to back.
7. Don’t hold it! Just go to the bathroom when you have to.
[Women’s Health and Science Daily]