He Says/She Says: The Ting Tings’ “Great DJ”

I tend to like guy-girl duos and upbeat music, so I made my friend Nathan listen to the Ting Tings’ song “Great DJ.” Katie White and Jules De Martino come from England, and they named themselves the Ting Tings because Katie worked with a girl named Ting Ting and thought it sounded lovely, “like the ‘ting’ you hear when you get an idea.” Have a listen and let us know whether you’re inspired. NATHAN: Is this a workout video?

CATHERINE: I wonder if this is going to become a new dance craze. It looks simple enough but is also quite recognizable.

N: That would be stupid.

C: Why?

N: Cuz they look unhappy. Beyond unhappy, actually.

C: That’s what cool looks like. I feel like i’m in the ’80s.

N: Cyndi Lauper is going to come running out any time now.

C: For an upbeat song they’re not moving much.

N: This reminds me of the that old Windows program called Paint.

C: I wish I had that on my computer. I miss that.

N: Yeah, but if you were playing with Paint at your age, I would worry about you.

C: Whatever, it’s a simple pleasure. Does she have the same dress in two different colors, or is that the lighting? Also, is it a dress? Or is it a shirt with leggings?

N: It’s a shirt. She looks like Lisa Kudro.

C: Ooh! I can see that. What do you think of the song?

N: It was good. I liked. it. I’m not obsessed yet, but I think it could be a dance floor obsession with its beat.

C: Yeah, and it would be great for running!

N: Okay, I’m dizzy.