The Daily Squeeze: Paris Hilton’s Puppies, Italian Woman In Captivity, & An Iron Kidnapping

  • Justice for puppies everywhere! Paris Hilton was stopped from buying a puppy by the staff at a pet store because it seemed too much like an impulse buy. The star is known for having a “menagerie of neglected animals.” [NY Post]
  • A woman was just discovered in Italy, after being held captive by her parents for 18 years. This story is somewhat similar to the Austrian case where a father held his daughter captive, raped her, and fathered her children for 22 years. In this case, however, the woman was locked up because she fathered a child out of wedlock. Ahh, how misogynistic cruelty differs from country to country. []
  • Speaking of those crazy Italians, an Italian man kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and forced her to wash and iron his clothes. I am seriously not making this up. [Yahoo! News]