Poll: Election 2008, How Do You Vote?

Last night I was watching Hardball and Chris Matthews asked one of his guests, radio host Heidi Harris, why most women vote Democratic. She said, “Sadly, a lot of women are very emotional, and they tend to think with their hearts and not with their minds about some of these issues. They tend to feel more of these kind of things than think it through.” This annoyed me, on a number of levels, because A) I don’t think it’s true that women, in general, vote with their hearts not their heads, B) I don’t see what the problem is with voting with your heart, in theory, and C) can’t you vote with both? Like, the head follows the heart or another such phrase? Anyway, then Harris launched into a whole rant about how women don’t really care about issues like abortion rights because the young women can’t remember a time without Roe V. Wade, and older women are too dried up to get pregs anyways. It was way insulting. But it got me thinking about the election and how you vote.