The G-Spot: What, Where, & How!

The mythic G-spot seems even too mysterious for an episode of the X Files to uncover it. Where is it? What is it? And how do you work the darn thing?! After reading Divine Caroline, a few things became clear:

  1. The G-Spot is actually the Skene Gland- a thick lining on the front side of the vag. While baby boys grow a prostate, the same structure can also develop in some women and it becomes the infamous G-spot.
  2. Female ejaculate is made up of the same ingredients that sperms get shipped off in.
  3. Only 10% of women can ejaculate.

Now, sure, the small percentage of women are lucky that they can O in a big, splashy way. But where there is a yin, there is also a yang. All the good of an intense and showy orgasm has to be balanced out by something sorta gross. Here’s the clincher — since the Skene Gland, aka the G-spot, is next to the urethra, aka the pee hole, that’s actually where female ejaculate comes out of door #1. Sexy time! [Divine Caroline]