Poll: How Do You Feel About Guys Who Wear Makeup?

The number of men who wear makeup seems to be picking up a bit, thanks to famous guys like Zac Efron and Pete Wentz, who probably have cosmetic bags of their own in their bathrooms (as opposed to “borrowing” their gal pals’ products). Some people think it’s okay for guys to use a little concealer to cover up the occasional blemish, but it seems to be going a bit farther than that. “It looks really gay — and I’m a gay boy,” hair and make-up artist Bradwyn Jones told the Sydney Morning Herald “It looks a bit drag. Give a guy a license to put it on and they’ll be heavy-handed.”

In my life, I’ve only known a few guys who wear makeup, and there’s been a spectrum of intensity. One male friend of mine uses a moisturizer with self-tanner, but it looks natural and not at all orange or makeup-y on him, as he’s normally darker anyway. And then in high school, one of my friends who had lovely blue eyes wore mascara regularly to draw attention to them, and I think when he went out, he would even put on a subtle amount of eyeliner or eyeshadow. [Sydney Morning Herald]