Co-Ed Naked Bike Riding (Not Just A T-Shirt Slogan)

Just a few days ago the U.K. hosted its third World Naked Bike Ride, an event to protest dependency on cars and draw awareness to the plight of riders sharing the road. The parade of barely costumed characters looks like Burning Man on wheels. With the attendance doubling to 500, there were two times the bicycles, twice the fun and of course, double the booty. Not even Sussex police stopped the full-frontal show, but there’s a lot more pushy-tushy to come this month. Sixty-nine more cities in 20 more countries across the globe will hold their own nudie events over the summer and, of course, the rides will be making it stateside — Chicago hosts on June 14th, Seattle and Denver will both be on July 12th, and you can check out the full listings for the the rest of the U.S. here. Since we Americans aren’t quite as comfortable with our bodies as our European counterparts, hopefully the only thing poppin’ will be wheelies.