The Nookie Know-It-All: Doin’ The Crimson Wave

“How can my husband and I mess around when I’m on my period? I’m a little squeamish about it, but he doesn’t want to go off sex for a week.” — Flirting With Aunt Flo, Olympia, WA

A tampon isn’t the only thing you can insert when you have your period. In fact, sex while you’re on the rag can be even better than when you’re not. It sounds gross, but blood can act as a natural lubricant, enhancing your sexual experience with your husband. If you’re worried about the “cleanliness” factor of sex while you’re bleeding, you can use a colored towel or have sex in the shower to keep your sheets from seeing red.

If the thought of getting wet n’ wild while your Aunt Flo is in town seems like too much too handle, remember that your mouth isn’t bleeding. A blow job is the same whether you’re riding the Crimson Tide or not.

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A Note On Playing It Safe: The Frisky thinks safe sex is smart sex – so please practice it in the way that’s right for your relationship.