Chanel’s Must-Have Summer Accessory

Depending on your values, you might think spending more than $1,000 on a handbag is ludicrous. Or you might think a quilted Chanel bag is an investment. If you fall into the latter category, how would you feel about an $18,000 fly-fishing rod? Chanel is offering such a rod, along with a set of monochrome Chanel flies (complete with the double “C” logo on gossamer wings and a quilted black leather box). At first I thought, Coco Chanel must be turning over in her grave! but The Guardian reports that she was a tomboy who fished while dating the Duke of Westminster in the ’20s. Keep reading to see what else you could buy with $18,000.

  • 720 lbs. of local wild bluefin tuna steak from FreshDirect @ $24.99/lb. [FreshDirect]
  • Almost 129 oz. of Ostera caviar at The Four Seasons restaurant in NYC @ $140/lb []
  • Dinner for 65 (not including tax or tip) at sushi restaurant Urasawa in Beverly Hills, CA @ $275/person [Citysearch]