Hemorrhoid Hunks

Move over ecstasy, there’s a new club drug gaining popularity in New York — and it’s legal! According to a bouncer, Preparation H, the hemorrhoid cream, is being slathered across dance floors by men who are trying to look extra-ripped for the ladies. Because, you know, nothing says macho quite like the scent of butt balm.
But seriously, these misguided men have been using the cream to thin the skin over their chest muscles to look fit (and you thought you were sensitive about your cellulite). However, the trick, which has been popular with body builders, isn’t recommended by the makers of Prep H because it can lead to things like high blood pressure and a not-so-sexy rash. Yikes! On the up side, if you see some H cream in a dude’s medicine cabinet, don’t worry, he’s probably just trying to impress you. [ABC News]